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About Ydra

Ydra produces superior pumps and tailormade pump systems. We’ve found the best way to deliver above expectations is by collaborating very closely with you, the end-user.

Our extensive experience and hundreds of reference projects means that we are likely to have solved your specific challenge in the past. If your problem is brand new, or your needs very specific, our enthusiasm for novel solutions may result in a new standard.

The ocean space

Businesses, vessels and industries in and around the ocean space have trusted our pumps and pump systems for 40 years. We are greatly aware that our products must live up to the highest scrutiny for us to keep that trust.

Though our clients, like you, are situated either in or around the ocean space, your needs are not the same. One solution might be completely wrong when used somewhere else. This is where close cooperation and two-way communication with our clients are essential. Long and broad experience is helpful in that it gives us an interdisciplinary view across our client base, letting us see how things might connect, or indeed not.

We have made a promise to keep our customers’ businesses flowing. Rapid response and quick turnaround time coupled with geographic closeness and specialist knowledge will help us keep that promise.

Impelling solutions

We aim to become the center of progress for the pump industry. We experiment with fresh solutions, take new technology into account and think creatively around all aspects of our industry.

Through our work we hope to be a catalyst for innovation, devising solutions that others must imitate. All in order to keep your operations flowing.

A part of Hatteland

We’re a proud part of the Hatteland Group. Their history of technological innovation and devotion to progress links well with our vision to impel the pump industry forward.

Exclusive importer

A selection of our standard unit pumps are produced by the italian pump manufacturer Saer. These world class surface and submersible pumps are produced in Italy to exacting standards and distributed in Norway exclusively by Ydra.

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