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Customized solutions

We experience from time to time that our clients come to us with a challenge that might not be met by standard products. Our extensive experience and hundreds of reference projects means that we are likely to have solved your specific challenge in the past, but once in a while we need to get creative. Sometimes it’s just a question of modifying one of our existing products. Other times we start from scratch and craft a brand new solution.

Image of an Ydra customized solution, a pump basket for use offshore
  • Pictured:
  • A tailormade pump basket developed for cooling flame towers on offshore Installations. DNV approved basket with 2.pcs. Saer Submersible pumps 6VS 253-A/3, each with 132Kw. pumps and spray nozzles which reduce the temperature from 1800 to 37 degr. C from the flame tower side to the rig installation side.
    2. stk Deep Well pumps
    Motor: 2.pcs. 132Kw.
    Capacity: 360m3/t @ 19 bar9 B
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