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Deep well pumps

Sizes 6" up to 14". Designed to guarantee the highest levels of performance even in harsh environments, such as mining and offshore applications, the investment cast impellers and diffusers offer excellent wear resistance together with the standard counter thrust ring and guide bushings. The S series is ideal for borehole pumping with a minimum diameter of 158 mm. Also available in a horizontal version. Typical applications include agriculture, mining, offshore installations, civil and industrial uses. Each pump can be adapted from the standard configuration to meet a wide range of application requirements. Also available with hydraulic motor.

deep well pump -
  • Sizes: 6"-14"
    Qmax: 725m3/h
    Power: Up to 300Kw. 50/60Hz
  • Material: Stainless steel AISI 316, cast iron and bronze and duplex.
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