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Terminator VRG 530

TERMINATOR is a new, highly efficient grinder pump for salmon and whitefish. The Terminator's knife system together with the pump's capacity makes it the most efficient silage/grinder system on the market.
Video of the Terminator in action!

Terminator grinder pump -
  • Qmax: 280m3/h
    Hmax: 17.5m
    Power: 22Kw. 50Hz
  • Max absorbed power: 38,7 amp. at 289m3/t @ 2 mWc
    Motor: 22 kW. 3x400V/50Hz. 1450rpm (standard marine motor IP55)
    Material: All pump parts in AISI 316. Duplex Shaft
    Knives/cutting device: 16 pcs.High quality VANAX steel knifes for industrial use.
    Knife holders: 10mm AISI 316
    Pump shaft: Duplex stub shaft mounted directly on motor shaft. Block Pump.
    Number of knives: 16 pcs. radial and axial VANAX industrial knives
Model K

Image of Model K grinder pump from Ydra
  • Qmax: 360m3/h
    Hmax: 27m
    Power: 7.5-22Kw. 50Hz/60Hz
  • Motor: 7,5-22 kW. 3x230/400V/50Hz/60Hz. 1450rpm (standard marine motor IP55) / Hydraulic motor
    Material: All pump parts in AISI 316.
    Knives/cutting device: 165M/316L
    Knife holders: 316
    Pump shaft: 316 stub shaft mounted directly on motor shaft. Block pump.
    Number of knives: 1 pcs outside of pump, 3 pcs pump inlet
Circulation pump for silage

Depending on the need for silage in the storage tanks, this circulating pump can be equipped with different knife options.

Image of detail in Ydra's circulation pump for silage
  • Qmax: 240m3/h
    Hmax: 16m
    Power: 11Kw. 50Hz

  • Motor: 11kW. 3x400V / 50Hz. 1450rpm (Standard marine engine)
    Current IN: 21 A
    Material: All pump parts and fluid affected parts in AISI 316
    Knives: High quality Vanax Acid resistant industrial steel knives. The knives are double-edged and can be turned independently.
    Axle: Duplex shaft mounted directly on motor shaft.
    Inlet: DN150
    Discharge: DN150
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