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Rotary lobe pumps

Our Rotary Lobe Pumps type “PL” come with the following features: • Compact construction: space saving • Dry running for short periods • Reversible operation • Easy maintenance – maintenance and cleaning on site: fast opening of the pump because of the possibility of removal of the front inspection cover without disturbing the pump housing or pipe work. • Pump housing can be supplied with hard metal replaceable wearing plates at front and rear; they can be replaced easily on site. • Able to handle large solids particle up to 25 – 30 mm. Lobes covered with: NBR rubber EPDM rubber FPM rubber Other on request;

Ydra rotary lobe pump
  • Qmax: 210m3/h
    Hmax: 8 bar
    Self-priming: Up to 7-8m. 50/60Hz
  • Solid particles: Up to 25-30mm
    Material: Different material qualities on request.
    ATEX directive 2014/34/EU
Flexible impeller pumps

  • Qmax: 44m3/h
    Hmax: 60m
    Self-priming: Up to 7m. 50/60Hz
    - 230V AC
    - 400V AC
    - 12 or 24V DC
  • Material: Different material qualities on request.
  • Contact us for a technical/commercial offer
Thermoplastic centrifugal pumps

  • Info coming
Membrane pumps

Ydra membrane pump
  • Qmax: 5.4m3/h
    Hmax: 8 bar
    Self-priming: Up to 6-7m. 50/60Hz
  • Material: Polypropylene, aluminium, AISI 316
Axial split casing pumps

Also available in vertical version. Available with electrical motor, diesel engine or hydraulic motor. Uses: Recycling plants, heating, air conditioning, heat recovery plants, fire-fighting systems, irrigation systems, process plants.

axial split casing pump
  • Qmax: 4500m3/h
    Hmax: 180m
    Power: Up to 1100Kw. 50/60Hz
  • Material: Casing in cast iron EN-GJL-250 and bronze.
    Impeller: Bronze or AISI 316, shaft in duplex.
Submersible horizontal mixers/agitators

Wide range of mixers in AISI 316 material. Mixers without planetary gear, direct coupled.

Ydra's submersible mixer and agitator, detail
  • RPM: 320-940 (50Hz)
    Motor power: 1.5-25Kw
    Axial thrust: 230-5396 N
    Capacity: 643-10138m3H
    Max. working temp: 40 Celcius
Piston pumps

  • Info coming
Peristaltic pumps

  • Info coming
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