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Superior pumps and tailormade systems for operations that must keep moving
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Silent service
Silent service

For the missile corvettes of the Royal Norwegian Navy, stealth and reliability are absolute demands. The Skjold-class vessels are all fully equipped with pump packages from Ydra, which is why you won’t hear them coming.

Customised pump packages

Sometimes, standard equipment won’t cut it. Let us help you find your specific needs. Perhaps there are solutions you haven’t thought of.

Pump -
Draining Blücher

When the sunk german cruiser Blücher was to be emptied of dangerous oil and diesel, we supplied the pumps. In total eight of our submersible pumps, tailormade for subsea operations, were used in the operation. These pumps have since become standard for similar operations.

Underwater performance

Our centrifugal pumps in combination with hydraulic motors are suberb choices for high performance and durability under water.

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Pumps for ships and maritime industry

Available positions

Do you want to work for Ydra? We currently have available positions, and are looking for new enthusiastic colleagues.

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