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Parts, repair and maintenance. Our technicians stand ready to keep your operations moving and your pump equipment in mint condition. Craftsmen dedicated to their work provide you with industry-specific experience, knowledge and finesse. We promise rapid response and minimal disruption of your operations.

For rapid response

For immediate response

+47 926 33 452


Our workshops are fully equipped with every tool we need to repair and maintain your pump equipment. From here we offer everything from simple repair and maintenance to a complete overhaul of your pumps. We have a fully stocked replacement parts warehouse. If the part you need is not immediately available, we craft parts and accessories in-house. You’ll never have to wait weeks for replacement parts. Tailormade pump systems receive specially made parts from our workshops.

Image of spare pump parts from Ydra
Greywater and blackwater

We perform sewer services for the municipality of Tysvær, a contract going back many years. This has given us invaluable experience in handling greywater and blackwater, and helped us in the development of related pumps and task-specific solutions. We offer this experience and expertise to our customers.

On-site service

When sending pumps and equipment to our workshop is inconvenient, we offer on-site services. A team of technicians will service your pumps on-site to the same high standard as we insist on at our workshop.

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